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About the Podcast

Michele Levitt and Cara Armour initially started this Podcast so they could spread the word about the sport they love the most, dog agility. It was a pandemic passion project. Their Novice A (first agility dogs) dogs have each taken them on different adventures with many struggles and successes. They realized as their journeys continue to evolve, that everyone has a different one to share. Each dog, each trial, each trainer and mentor all have different stories and lessons to share

As the pandemic passed, life became super busy and Michele and Cara found it hard to mesh their schedules. So in early 2023, Cara jumped on the airwaves solo.


She wants to continue to share ways to make this great sport better, positively for both dogs and humans. Having gone through moments of goals being met and goals being crushed she has persevered through injuries, years of training issues and the highs of traveling for National and Invitational events. She has traveled many miles, stayed in many hotels for just "30 seconds in the ring". Cara has a passion, love for dogs, and this sport. She wants it to grow and she could talk about it, All. Day. Long. 

Cara also lives for the social aspects of trials, and the wonderful community that we have. There are so many components to Agility. It is complex, and that keeps her humble and addicted. So, who is she?

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AKC Boxer

Meet Cara Armour KPA-CTP

When Cara graduated college in 2002, she made the best investment of her life, she used money given to her to start an IRA instead to buy a Boxer puppy.  


Fast forward two more dogs and in 2013, after suffering the loss of her previous Boxers from a disease that could have been prevented by better breeding practices, Cara researched getting a Boxer from a reputable breeder. She knew in order to improve the breed she loved, she had to have a hand in helping, and this meant breeding as well as conformation. What she didn't realize is that despite the Boxer she worked so hard to find being genetically and physically everything she dreamed of, she also stumbled into a greater passion that fueled new dreams, dog sports - particularly agility.

Cara has been working with dogs professionally since 2003 in many capacities. She has always owned dog walking company with her husband who she met at a dog park (something you wouldn't catch her dead in now). Cara has also been a groomer and owned/operated a holistic pet supply store and is a certified professional dog trainer. 

Having competed in conformation, rally, barn hunt, nose work, fast CAT, CAT, dock diving, rally and agility Cara finds herself mosty immersed in the world of agility. She loves the complexity of the sport while at the same time watching people build connections with their dogs that they just wouldn’t in the “real world”. She spends 48 weekends a year trialing, many times hosting trials or volunteering with the numerous clubs she belongs to. She has attended 100’s of seminars on various training and pet care-related topics as well as having instructed a few herself. 

Cara started training her first Boxer in agility back in 2011 and while she tried trialing, trial stress got the better of her dog Artie and she didn't know what to do (or what it was). In 2013 she acquired a female Boxer to help improve the health issues with her breed and while working on her conformation championship, she started to train her in agility just like her previous dog Artie. Only Debbie thought agility was amazing and being in the ring excited her. Not that they didn't have their issues. 


From the start Cara and Debbie were unstoppable.

Here are some of their accomplishments:

  • First Boxer ever to earn the agility grand championship 

  • Highest Prefered Master Agility Champion Boxer in history

  • First Boxer to earn any premier class titles

  • #1 AKC Preferred Agility Boxer for 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 & 2023

  • #1 AKC Preferred Boxer & Working Group Dog 2020 & 2021

  • #3 16" AKC Preferred Dog (all breeds) 2020

  • #3 AKC Top Preferred Dog Overall for 2021

  • #1 16" AKC Preferred Dog 2021

  • #1 AKC Preferred Boxer 2022

  • #1 AKC Preferred Working Dog 2022

  • #2 16" AKC Preferred Dog 2022
    #17 AKC Preferred Lifetime Dog 

  • 2019 Finalist for AKC Agility Invitationals, placed 8th

  • 2020 Finalist for AKC Agility Invitationals, placed 2nd

  • Westminster Master Agility Competitor for 2019, 2020, 2021 (placed 4th in Standard) & 2021

  • National Agility Champion Qualified Competitor for 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 & 2022

  • 2021 AKC Agility Premier Cup Competitor and qualifier 

  • #2 2020 Working Group for AKC Invitationals

  • Placed several times at conformation specialties

Together they have written history. Debbie has also produced two litters with many titled offspring including two that Cara kept who have ten Master Agility Championships between them. With all her dogs Cara has earned twenty-three Agility Championships, a conformation championship and over 300 titles on her dogs in various competitions as well as tricks and canine good citizen.


She shares her life with 4 Boxers ranging in age from 10-years old to 2-years old and a 16-year-old cat who rules the house.​​​​​​​​


Cara proudly holds the distinction of a certified professional dog trainer through the prestigious Karen Pryor Academy. She was trained by Emma Parsons and carries the credentials KPA-CTP. 

She currently teaches all levels of agility, tricks, impulse control, CGC, canine fitness and attention classes at Gemini Dogs in Littleton, MA. 

As an AKC CGC, trick, and virtual manners evaluator, she is happy to get you started on your journey with your dog. 

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